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Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I call if I'm moving into or out of the City of Lester Prairie?
You should contact the City office at (320) 395-2646 and advise them if you are moving into or out of Lester Prairie. The city bills for residents for water, sewer and garbage and this account information needs to be kept up to date.

I am planning some home updates and/or renovations, do I need a building permit?
The City of Lester Prairie follows the state building code.  A majority of work done on your home will require a permit.  You should check before you start any work to verify what information is required to submit with your permit application. Please see the Building Permits & Rental Housing portion of our website , located on the home page left navigational bar, to see a list of renovations requiring building and/or zoning permits.


Do I need to contact anyone if I plan on digging on my property?
You need to contact Gopher State One Call at (800) 252-1166 and they will notify all utilities before you dig.