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City Utilities
The City of Lester Prairie bills each household for water, sewer and garbage. This billing is done on a monthly basis with the bills due the 20th of each month.  If your bill is not paid by the due date a $30 penalty will be added to it.  If water service is shut off due to non-payment there will also be a $30 turn on fee in addition to the bill paid in full prior to service being turned on.

Water and sewer are billed on a usage basis and garbage on container size. The current rates are:

Water - $16.75/month service charge and $4.05 (starting Jan. 1, 2023) per thousand gallons of water.

Sewer - $39.25/month service charge and $8.95 (starting Jan. 1, 2023) per thousand gallons of water usage.

Stormwater Utility Fee-
Single Family Residential $3.00
Multi-Family Residential $4.00
Schools and Churches $5.00
Commercial/Industrial (less than 2 acres) $6.00
Commercial/Industrial (greater than 2 acres) $11.50

We do have a number of households that have a separate water meter to meter the outside usage. These households are not billed the sewer rate on usage through those meters.

Garbage - pick up is on Mondays
32 gallon container - $10.98 per month (includes tax)
64 gallon container - $12.95 per month (includes tax)
96 gallon container - $15.75 per month (includes tax)

Recycling is picked up every other  week, we now have single sort recycling. 

Recycle calendar:

If Monday is a Holiday then garbage will be picked up on Tuesday for that week.

Late Payments - past due amounts are subject to a $30 late fee.

Payment Drop Box - Would you like to save postage?  For your convenience the City has a drop box for water/sewer/garbage payments.  The drop box is located on the south side of the front door to City Hall.  Payments deposited in the drop box are credited the next business day.  Place your check and remittance stub in an envelope and drop it in the box - no postage required.

Online payments are available on

Xcel Energy provides service to a majority of the city to contact them please call (800) 895-4999.  Anyone in phase II of Prairie Ridge addition would have service through McLeod Co-op Power at (800) 494-6272.

Center Point Energy provides this service and can be reached at (800) 245-2377

Our local telephone provider is CenturyLink their number is (800) 201-4099.

Mediacom provides this service.  For new service please contact them at (800) 332-0245.  For repair issues, call (800) 422-1473. 

Call Before You Dig
If you plan on doing any digging on your property you should contact Gopher State One Call at (800) 252-1166 so utilities can be located.  This will insure you do not hit any of them during the process.