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The City's Public Cemetery is located in the southwest side of town on the west side of County Road 1.


Sale of Lots

All lots shall be purchased at the City Clerk’s office at the City Hall, Lester Prairie, Minnesota.


The price per single grave site shall be as follows:

            (1) To residents of the City of Lester Prairie.............................. $550.00

            (2)  Non-residents of the City of Lester Prairie........................ $1,000.00


Monuments and Markers

All monuments and markers must be placed on a suitable foundation at a depth and size so as to assure no settling or movement of the monument or marker.  An apron of at least 6” in width shall be placed around said marker or monument, which shall be made of concrete, which apron shall be level with the surface of the ground, and which shall be affixed to the marker so as to prevent grass, weeds or other vegetation from growing between the marker and the apron.


All monuments and markers shall be placed at the head of the grave and with-in the lot dimensions.  They will not be allowed in the aisle.


The City Clerk must be notified before any monument is placed in order to provide placement staking.


Only flat monuments will be allowed in the section(s) of the cemetery that are in the 200 and 300 numbers with the exception of plots 209 thru 216 and plots 225 thru 231.


Grave Decorations

Private fences, curbing, boxing or mounds are prohibited on burial lots, and the city reserves the right to remove any found to exist on any lot, the cost or removal to be charged to the lot owner.


Cut or artificial flowers, flower containers, or other memorial decorations of any kind must be removed within one week after the end of the holiday or ceremony which prompted the decoration.  As an exception to this rule, for the Memorial Day holiday, private decorations shall be allowed during the period one week before Memorial Day and remain for one week after.  The city retains the right to remove all such decorations which are in violation of this rule and dispose of them as the city deems fit, without further notice or obligation to the lot owners.  The city shall not be responsible for plants, herbage or plantings of any kind damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals or by other causes beyond its control; including but not limited to trimming, mowing, etc..


No person shall plant any flowers, shrubs, trees or conduct any other landscaping in the cemetery under any circumstances.



Cemetery Access

The city cemetery is designed for the use of persons engaged in the ceremonies of burial or memorial, or who wish to visit departed loved ones.  Uses of the cemetery that do not fall within these categories are hereby declared illegal.  The following restrictions, as well as any other activity inappropriate to the cemetery setting shall apply:


  1. No person shall discharge any firearm or have possession of any firearm within the cemetery grounds, except persons participating in military burial ceremonies or authorized memorial services.


  1. No person shall remove any object from any place in the cemetery or make any excavation without the consent of the city.


  1. No person shall obstruct any drive or path in the cemetery or in any way injure, deface or destroy any structure, grave, flowers, tree, or other thing in the cemetery.


  1. No person shall drive any vehicle faster than a walk within the cemetery, nor drive over any path or roadway not authorized by the city.


  1. No person shall disturb the quiet of the cemetery by noise or improper conduct of any kind.


  1. No person shall enter or leave the cemetery except at the gates provided.


  1. No person shall use the cemetery grounds or any road therein as a public thoroughfare, nor drive any vehicle through the cemetery grounds except for purposes relating to the cemetery.


  1. The cemetery is not to be used as a recreational area.  No children shall be permitted within the cemetery unless under the direct control of an adult.  No bicycles shall be used within the cemetery except on paved roadways.  No other recreational vehicles or equipment shall be used anywhere within the boundaries of the cemetery at any time, said restriction to include, but not limited to, snowmobiles, ATV’s, mopeds, go-carts or skateboards.


  1. No person shall allow any animal to run at large in the cemetery.  Animals shall be allowed within the boundaries of the cemetery only if controlled by leashes or within animal carriers.  Any animal droppings must immediately be picked up and removed from the cemetery grounds by the person in control of the animal.


  1. No person shall loiter at any time, nor be in the cemetery without permission of the city at any time between the hours of sunset to sunrise.